Shane McMahon returns to Raw and gets WrestleMania match


Almost exactly six years ago after he left the company, Shane McMahon returned to Monday Night Raw to a massive pop that rolled back the years and injected some new life into WrestleMania.

Shane came out during the opening segment to interrupt Stephanie McMahon’s speech about receiving the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award and dropping a bombshell that he’s still very much part of the company. He said that he and his father “cut a deal” and he left the company to go and do other things but his place was always there and Stephanie only managed to go further up the chain because he allowed it. Vince, with a guilty look on his face, said it’s true and Stephanie left the ring.

But Shane wasn’t ready yet as he wanted control of Monday Night Raw. His father tried to bribe him but that didn’t work out very well for him. Vince then caved in, and said that he’d give Shane control of Raw if he wins one match…against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 in a Hell In A Cell match! If Shane loses however he wants the key to the lockbox that he has so he can’t hold anything against him anymore.

Last week it was being reported that Undertaker’s opponent at WrestleMania would not be anyone on the active roster and Shane’s name was never even rumored suggesting that this angle was kept close to only a handful of people to prevent it from leaking.

Shane’s return sparked a lot of chants from the rowdy crowd including “Shane O’Mac,” “Holy shit,” and “You still got it.”

When he left WWE, Shane McMahon was the Executive Vice President of Global Media. He went to YOU On Demand after WWE and is currently the Chairman of that company.