Byron Saxton gets caught handing Reigns something to start bleeding


One fan who was behind the commentary table shot the last Raw segment – which saw Triple H beating the crap out of Roman Reigns – from an interesting angle on his phone, an alternate angle which revealed that Reigns only started bleeding after Raw commentator Byron Saxton handed something to him while he was off the main television camera.

Triple H kept banging Reigns’ head on the commentary table and when he was stopped, Roman Reigns extended his hand which was swiftly followed by Saxton handing over something. Initial reports suggested it was a blade however it was then said it was a fake blood capsule. The television camera at that point was focusing on Triple H and Reigns was never in the picture and he was only caught due to someone filming in the right place at the right time. From this footage, you could see Reigns applying something and then hit whatever he had left on the table. Triple H then resumed hitting Reigns.

Blading is prohibited from WWE matches and is often the subject of fines. Chris Jericho noted in his book that he and Batista, along with the referee, got fined for blading, a fee which Batista had to fork out $100,000 and then even paid the fine for Jericho and the referee as he was the one who did it.

You can see the video below.