Sasha Banks ends another disastrous title reign with no successful title defense


Sasha Banks capped off another disastrous title run with the Raw Women’s championship as her fifth title reign ended once again with zero successful title defenses.

Out of five title reigns, Banks has never managed to defend her title once and each of her reigns lasted only days.

Her first reign in July 2016 lasted only 27 days and then lost it to Charlotte. Her second reign with the title was in October 2016 and again lasted just 27 days, with Charlotte taking it back. The third reign came to an end after just 20 days in November 2016 while her fourth was the shortest one yet with just eight days as champion in August 2017. Her latest run was 34 days, her longest one yet, but still no win while actually the champion.

Sasha Banks spent a total of 107 days as Raw Women’s champion and has the worst record so far with the title.