Rumble winners choose which titles they’re going after at WrestleMania 35


Two big main events were announced for WrestleMania last night on Monday Night Raw as both Royal Rumble winners decided for which titles they’re going after.

Becky Lynch, who on Sunday tapped out to Asuka but later won the Rumble after taking Lana’s spot, decided to go after Ronda Rousey and the Raw Women’s title. Lynch and Rousey had a face-to-face on the show with both women dissing each other and Lynch telling her that she’s going to prove to the world that Ronda is not the baddest woman on the planet.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins also chose the Universal title currently held by Brock Lesnar. Rollins’ night didn’t go as smooth as Lynch’s though as Lesnar hit a whopping six F5’s on the Rumble winner to end the show. It was Rollins who threw the first punch though after Heyman advised Seth or anyone else not to get in a fight with the Universal champion.

The two matches were highly expected to happen as they have been rumored for a while.