Ronda Rousey wrestling Mickie James in the upcoming European tour


Mickie James will be the first individual to have a singles match against Ronda Rousey in front of a big audience as the veteran Superstar was picked to take on Rousey in her four dates in Europe.

Rousey and James got involved in an angle that closed Raw last night after James continued to beat up an injured Natalya as part of the 10-women tag match main event. For the second week in a row, Rousey came to the aid of Natalya and after she got kicked from the back by James, Rousey stepped in between the ropes, took down the former champion and locked her in an armbar to cause the DQ.

Ever since signing with WWE, Rousey has appeared on the majority of the Raw shows and will now be thrown in the ring alone for her first one-on-one matches. Rousey will be at the May 16 show in Geneva, Switzerland, the May 17 show in Vienna, Austria, the May 18 show in Turin, Italy, and the May 19 show in Paris, France.