Ronda Rousey with hilarious video doing wrestling things around the house


Ronda Rousey uploaded a hilarious video from home doing wrestling things as she goes around the house while her husband looks confused.

Rousey, who has not appeared on WWE television since WrestleMania 35, cuts a promo on an object in the fridge, climbs a ladder thinking it’s MITB, comes out from behind the shower curtain to her theme song, pins her husband, and more in a hilarious skit.

“Babe, you know you can go back to pro wrestling whenever you want,” her husband Travis Browne tells her as she’s on the top of the ladder hanging to her light fixture. “Babe, I know that, I love you, and I appreciate that, but really, I’m happy here at home with you,” Rousey says back. “All right,” Browne says, looking very unconvincing.

At that point, while Rousey is still on the ladder, Browne calls for D-Von to “get the table.” And sure enough, D-Von is there, as Browne gets himself ready on the table. “Testify!!!!” Rousey screams as she leaps off the ladder with a flying elbow!