Roman Reigns the favorite with bookies to win the WWE World Heavyweight title tonight


Roman Reigns is the favorite to win the WWE World Heavyweight title tournament at the Survivor Series tonight according to online betting, with odds at 4/7 for Reigns and then followed by Dean Ambrose at 2/1, Kevin Owens at 11/2, and Alberto Del Rio the least likely at 9/1. In the semi finals, Ambrose is 2/9 to Owens’ 3/1 and Reigns is 1/12 while Del Rio is a distant 6/1.

The other matches have Kane and Undertaker at 4/11 to win with the Wyatt Family at 2/1, Tyler Breeze the favorite at 4/7 with Ziggler at 5/4, and Charlotte is the favorite to retain the Divas title at 1/3 with Paige at 9/4 for the upset.

These odds will change throughout the day especially later on tonight as “smart money” start to come in. There were rumors that Ambrose was being pushed as the favorite internally to win the WWE title since everyone is expecting Reigns to get it.