Sheamus becomes the 13th man to successfully cash in Money in the Bank


The 37 year old Sheamus became the new WWE World Heavyweight champion last night after successfully cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase to defeat Roman Reigns, who minutes before won the WWE title for the first time by pinning Dean Ambrose in the tournament final.

Sheamus won the Money in the Bank briefcase earlier this year when Roman Reigns was also screwed by Bray Wyatt. He teased cashing in a couple of times throughout the past few months but executed his right last night and after two Brogue Kicks he was declared the new champion. Triple H celebrated with Sheamus who apparently now is The Authority’s pick in the absence of Seth Rollins.

Sheamus is the 16th Money in the Bank winner and the 13th person to successfully cash in the briefcase. Only Mr. Kennedy, John Cena, and Damien Sandow were unsuccessful in cashing in, with Mr. Kennedy losing the briefcase to Edge as a storyline due to his suspension. Sheamus held on to the briefcase for 161 days, the fourth longest among all the winners. Only Edge, Seth Rollins, and Dolph Ziggler held on to the briefcase longer.

The last cash in was at WrestleMania 31 when Seth Rollins inserted himself in the title match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns and Rollins pinned Reigns after a Curb Stomp to win the title.