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Rey Mysterio out of the Raw Survivor Series team


A second change was made to the Raw men’s Survivor Series team last night after Rey Mysterio suffered the same fate of his son and found himself eliminated from the team.

Mysterio battled Bobby Lashley in the main event of the show and after Mysterio tapped out to the Hurt Lock, the former WWE champion refused to let go of him. Eventually, Lashley let Rey go and Dominik came in to check on his father.

At that point, Adam Pearce showed up and said that due to what just happened, Mysterio would be out of the men’s Survivor Series team. Austin Theory took advantage of the situation and attacked Dominik, enough to impress Pearce to add him to the team.

Lashley took out both Mysterios from the team, taking one of the spots for himself.

Smackdown still has one member to announce after Sami Zayn was taken out of the match following his loss to Jeff Hardy.