Revenue for each WWE business by department for Q4 2014


With the earnings release comes the department numbers which shows which WWE businesses are doing well and those which are not doing so well. The below numbers are all compared to the same quarter of the prior year apart from the WWE Network which obviously was not launched back then.

Those who are in the black: WWE Network generated $23.3 million in revenue; Television revenues increased 20% to $50.5 million; Home Entertainment increased to $7.8 million from $5.1 million; Live events increased 6% to $26.9 million thanks to higher attendance and a few more events in the quarter; Licensing increased 26% to $9.1 million due to WWE video games; Venue merchandise was up 6% to $3.6 million from $3.4 million; also increased, up 28% to $7.7 million up from $6.0 million and a 39% increase in orders.

Those who are in the red: Pay-per-view revenue did $3.9 million with 271,000 buys for three events, down 62% due to the WWE Network; Digital Media went down to $4.0 million from $7.0 million due to lower advertising; WWE Studios went down to $2.9 million from $5.0 million.