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Report: Triple H back fully in charge of WWE creative


PWInsider.com is reporting that it is believed within WWE that Triple H has been given creative control back by Endeavor, with the website using the term “knighted” by the powers that be to run the creative side of the company again.

While Vince McMahon in the past has said that he was only going to be involved in the bigger storylines, lately McMahon has inserted himself deeper and deeper into creative and made several changes to scripts while working remotely.

McMahon no longer attends WWE live events in person unless they are big shows like WrestleMania.

The feeling now is that Triple H is back in charge moving forward and it’s a decision that is being welcomed by many.

While still Executive Chairman of TKO, McMahon surrendered control of WWE once the merge completed and no longer has the final say when it comes to business decisions.

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