Reddit’s WWE pay-per-view results leaker strikes (sort of) again


The Reddit user who has been correctly predicting every single WWE pay-per-view match result since the Elimination Chamber PPV in February didn’t post the spoilers for all the matches for SummerSlam, but correctly predicted three matches that he decided to post.

Before the Kane/Wyatt, Punk/Lesnar, and Del Rio/Christian matches, the ‘Dolphins1925’ Reddit user posted the results of the matches on the Squared Circle Reddit board, making 41 consecutive correct guesses since February.

The user said that his source told him that multiple scripts existed for the whole card, including different outcomes of the main event which Vince McMahon changed during the day. He claimed that WWE is trying to do everything to ensure he doesn’t go “undefeated again.”

Joey Styles, who heads up WWE’s digital services, made reference to the user in a tweet he posted after the show. “What a @WWE #SummerSlam! @WWEDanielBryan was caught in a web of deception like a dolphin caught in a fishing net.”