Dolphins1925 Reddit user goes 100% in HIAC predictions, but no briefcase cash in


The Dolphins1925 Reddit user who has been posting results of pay-per-view matches before each match starts went 100% yesterday for the Hell In A Cell show although he said something which ended up not happening during the show.

The unknown individual posted all the correct results, including the main title changes on his Twitter and Reddit page at one point writing, “Releasing the two biggest matches of the night within the next five minutes, as they are 100% confirmed not to change.”

What he did mention but nothing happened was Damien Sandow cashing in his Money in the Bank contract after the Cena vs Del Rio match where Cena won the title.

“Regarding the Sandow cash in, I post information I receive from my source. Did WWE change the script due to my tweets? I find that extremely unlikely considering the strict time constraints WWE must oblige by. IMO, it was merely misinformation from my source,” he wrote afterward.