Is TNA looking for new owners?


Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that the Carter family is looking into selling TNA after the bad financial situation that hit the company.

The Carter family bought a majority stake of TNA – around 70% – through their company, Panda Energy International, way back in 2002 from Jerry Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett remains a minority owner.

The take over was done thanks to Dixie Carter, who is now President of TNA, who enlisted the help – and money – of her father Robert Carter, to purchase TNA after HealthSouth Corporation withdrew their financial support when the Jarretts were running the show.

As long as Spike TV keeps TNA on the air, the TNA product will most likely continue as their television spot is the most important thing and Spike chips in for production money as well. The downfall of WCW was when TNT decided to dump Nitro, leaving WCW without a TV home and drastically lowering the price.