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Raw stays on Mondays for now, but that can change says Nick Khan


Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show to discuss the new blockbuster deal with Netflix, WWE President Nick Khan said that as of now, Raw will remain on Monday but that could change over the next 11 months as both parties evaluate options.

Khan listed Monday Night Football, college football, simulcasts of games on ABC, Manningcast, NBA and other sports shows that challenge Raw for many months of the year so they have to carefully decide what is best for them.

“If we stay on Mondays, it’ll work. If we move to a different day, we think it’ll work too,” Khan commented, mentioning how Raw still held up its own in the ratings when facing tough competition over the last several weeks.

Raw, since its inception in 1993, has always aired on Monday nights apart from a few occasions when it was pre-empted due to other broadcasts on USA Network.

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