Q1 2014 revenue for each WWE department


Five of the eight money-making departments within WWE registered an increase in revenue when compared to the same quarter of last year.

The five winners are WWE Network and pay-per-view which saw an increase of 15% to $18.4 million from $16.0 million in the prior year quarter; TV revenues increased 8% to $40.6 million from $37.7 million; Home entertainment increased to $10.5 million from $7 million; Live event increased to $21.7 million from $21 million, a 3% increase; WWEShop.com was up 20% to $4.2 million from $3.5 million; and WWE Studios registered $4.3 million versus the $1.9 million.

The three departments which made less money are Digital Media, down to $6.7 million from $7.1 million; Licensing was down $10 million, now at $14 million from $24 million in the prior year quarter; and venue merchandised was down 2%, standing at $5 million from $5.1 million.