Primo Colon explains why he got suspended from WWE for Wellness violation


In an interview with Primera Hora in Puerto Rico, Primo Colon explained the circumstances surrounding him getting a Wellness Program violation and made it clear that he never failed a drug test.

Colon said that when the company asked him to undergo a drug test back in October, he was in Puerto Rico and that required him to fly to the United States. He offered to go to a local laboratory and submit whatever he needed to submit there and pay for it but told WWE he wasn’t going to fly back just to undergo a test. He added that WWE never contacted him back and only found out that he was suspended two months later.

Primo and Epico have not been used on WWE television or non-televised live event shows in many, many months although the two remain under contract. He said that his deal runs through October of next year.

While out from WWE, Primo and Epico have been working for the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico.

Robert Roode was the other one who was suspended along with Primo and is also serving a 30-day suspension. WWE does not reveal the reason why they are suspended, but only mentions those who for them failed in some way or another.