Preliminary betting odds for the top two Survivor Series 2018 matches


One of the big four WWE pay-per-views takes place tomorrow night in Los Angeles with a total of eight matches on the card.

Today we will take a look at the betting odds of the top two matches of the show, with all the matches being featured tomorrow.

A surprise ending on Smackdown forced a change to one of the main events as Daniel Bryan defeated AJ Styles to win the WWE title in rare title change on free television. But Bryan faces the monster Brock Lesnar, who in betting odds, is rarely on the losing end. This time is no different as the Universal champion is 2/7 favorite to beat Daniel Bryan who is at 5/2 for the big David vs Goliath upset.

While the change in the men’s champion vs champion match was pre-determined, the change in the women’s champion vs champion match was forced due to an injury. Becky Lynch, the popular Smackdown Women’s champion was taken out of the show due to a concussion and a broken nose, leaving the match against Ronda Rousey for another time. Rousey, who just like Lesnar is usually always the favorite, is also the favorite for tomorrow with her odds at 1/10 to win the match. Her opponent, Charlotte Flair, is far away with 11/2 odds so a Flair upset would bag a lot of money.