Preliminary betting odds for Evolution’s top three matches


Another pay-per-view and another set of betting odds are available just 24 hours away from the historic show. The top three matches for Evolution – the Raw and Smackdown Women’s title matches and the battle royal – will be featured in this article while the full betting odds for the whole show will be updated tomorrow as the show gets closer to bell time.

It’s important to note that these odds will likely change throughout the day and leading up to Evolution tomorrow. Several websites offer slightly different odds usually so be careful when placing odds with real money. The same websites also offer betting lines for different sports and usually have specials like the Mayweather vs Pacquiao betting offers.

Ronda Rousey has rarely been the underdog – if ever – during her MMA career and it’s not changing today in her WWE career. Rousey is the overwhelming favorite to win the Raw Women’s title match tomorrow against Nikki Bella with her odds at 1/8 while Nikki is at 9/2 for the big upset.

In the Smackdown Women’s title match the situation is a bit closer but Becky Lynch is still tipped to win her match with odds at 8/15 in her favor while Charlotte Flair is at 11/8 to walk out with a victory although not necessarily the title.

The battle royal will see 21 Superstars so far in the match, five from Raw, nine from Smackdown, and the rest former WWE Superstars. The winner of this match will become the new number one contender for their respective brand’s title. The three top stars who are in the running so far are Ember Moon with odds of 2/1, Asuka who is at 5/2, and Nia Jax who is at 8/1.