Triple H explains why Reigns never disclosed he had leukemia before


During an appearance along with Stephanie McMahon on the Elvin Duran Show to promote Evolution, Triple H also spoke about Roman Reigns and the emotional segment from Raw where Reigns announced to the world that he has cancer and would be leaving for now.

Triple H said that only a handful of individuals knew that he had leukemia 11 years ago and the two spoke about it but Reigns always wanted it to be left out because he didn’t want other people to think that he’s getting pushed or getting things due to him being a cancer survivor. “He wanted to be able to come out at the end and say, ‘Look, I’ve dealt with this the whole time. You can do anything. This is not an end sentence,'” Triple H said.

He also said that while stuff happens and this didn’t work out the way he thought it would, it’s now time to go out there and spread the message.

Reigns was given a massive standing ovation and chants of “Thank you Roman” after he opened up in front of millions of fans before he headed to the back.