Philly crowd turns heel after Daniel Bryan is eliminated from the Rumble


It seems that WWE has not learned from their mistake of last year when Daniel Bryan was left out from the Rumble match. This year, the bookies second favorite to win the Rumble lasted just 10 minutes and eliminated only one person.

And when he got eliminated by Bray Wyatt, the Philly crowd crapped on the Royal Rumble match altogether.

Every man who entered after the Bryan elimination, no matter if he was face or heel, got booed out of the building, with fans showing their disgust at the way Bryan was treated in the match. Only Dean Ambrose, Damien Mizdow, and Dolph Ziggler managed to get a decent pop from the crowd when they went in and when Roman Reigns went in at number 19, the crowd booed even more.

Chants of “We Want Rusev” filled the arena as they realized that Rusev was still in the running after Reigns eliminated both Kane and Big Show and got a huge pop when he entered the ring, only to get speared by Reigns and thrown out for further boos.

Reigns got the Batista treatment of last year, even though he was face, the crowd did not want him to win. Even with The Rock standing next to him in the middle of the ring, the crowd still did not appreciate Reigns winning, presenting WWE with another interesting scenario for the second year in a row.