Pay-per-views take the biggest financial hit since Network’s arrival


The pay-per-view numbers show the biggest change in revenue ever since the WWE Network came in play as PPV buy rates dropped big time with more people taking advantage of the Network’s $9.99 a month price versus the $50+ for a single show.

WrestleMania XXX drew 690,000 buys compared to the 1,039,000 it did last year, still a big number despite the show being on the Network. Extreme Rules had 108,000 buys, down from 231,000 of the previous year while Payback suffered the worse, with only 67,000 buys on traditional pay-per-view versus the 186,000 from last year. Money In the Bank had 122,000 buys.

Major PPV companies such as DISH Network and InDemand dropped the WWE pay-per-views due to the unfair advantage of the WWE Network and are only airing shows which they think might generate enough revenue for them.