Paul Heyman announces MITB briefcase cash-in for Raw on Monday


Paul Heyman announced via video today that his client Brock Lesnar will be cashing his Money In The Bank briefcase this Monday on Raw against Universal champion Seth Rollins.

This follows the segment from Raw earlier in the week where Lesnar was supposed to announce which title he will be going after but then found out he has a year to cash in…so he didn’t want to reveal his plans and was not in a hurry to do so either.

Stephanie McMahon did not like that Lesnar and Heyman lied on Raw and “condemned” their behavior, saying that the two disrespected what the MITB briefcase represents and said that she would discuss this further with management for action against Lesnar and Heyman.

The odds of an actual cash-in on Monday are low and this could be just a ploy to keep viewers “glued” to Raw.