Paige sidelined with slight concussion


In an interview published today by Channel Guide Magazine, former two time Divas champion Paige revealed that she’s been out of action due to a slight concussion.

“I took a bad bump in one of my matches,” Paige said. “I’m losing my mind because I’m not at work right now so it’s been a few straight weeks of not leaving the house.” Paige explained that she does to to the WWE Performance Center and trains in the ring there under the care of the doctors and taking imPACT tests.

Paige said that it was only a “slight concussion” and hopes to get back in the ring soon since it was “no big deal” however WWE doctors immediately put her on the injured list as she has to be 100% before returning.

The young Brit talked to Channel Guide Magazine about the upcoming season of Total Divas where once again she forms part of the cast. She said the future about her engagement is resolved in the first episode.