Paige shows up backstage at Raw in Tampa


Former WWE Divas champion Paige was photographed entering the Amalie Arena in Tampa and was backstage at Raw however it looks like she has already departed. Paige was accompanied by Del Rio.

The young Brit has been in a fair share of trouble with her employer lately, failing a WWE Wellness Program test twice and her relationship with the man formerly known as Alberto Del Rio has raised many eyebrows. Paige recently underwent neck surgery and cannot wrestle for the next few months and is believed that she was at the arena to get checked by the WWE medical team. It has been a while since Paige was present at a live WWE event, dating back to her first Wellness violation in mid-August.

She was first suspended on August 18 for failing to undergo a surprise test because she was away and didn’t notify her whereabouts in time. She then underwent neck surgery in late September, before being popped the second time for a Wellness violation on October 10, this time for using a banned substance.

Ever since she started dating Del Rio, Paige had one of the biggest falls from grace within the company and her attitude and personal behavior dropped her further below in the women’s division.