Paige discusses getting pie-faced by a fan on Renee Young’s latest podcast


During the latest episode of Renee Young’s podcast Regular Girls, Smackdown General Manager Paige discussed the incident with a fan when she got pie-faced after leaving the Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

The incident happened as Paige was leaving the arena in a car with a friend. She was in the passenger seat and rolled down the window to high-five some fans on the way out. This fan reached inside the car with his hands, pie-faced her and told her to “lose some f**king weight.”

Paige told Young and Corey Graves, who was also on the podcast, that she got out of the car and was going to physically react to what happened but then she said she remembered the bad year she had and it was a wiser decision to step back in the car and do nothing about it.

The former Divas champion then discussed sending text messages to Renee after it happened, but Renee, who was in the car with Graves, Bryon Saxton, and Percy Watson, had already left the arena. She also texted Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey to tell them what happened and the two, who wrestled earlier in the evening, were ready to come out and beat the fan up.

Paige said that thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and was imagining the guy getting beat up by Jax and Rousey!