Pabst Blue Ribbon beer brand threatens to sue over new John Cena merchandise


The Pabst Blue Ribbon beer are not happy with WWE and John Cena and have threatened to send a legal letter over the new John Cena merchandise.

Cena’s new gear, in time for his return in two days, is somewhat similar to the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo including a very same-looking font when comparing the “Pabst” and “Hustle” in the logo. It also uses the same blue color of the ribbon.

“A message to @JohnCena & the @WWE: We have a chokehold called the Cease & Desist. Pretty sure we see you,” the Twitter message read, followed by a middle finger emoji. The message also had a photo of Cena sporting the Pabst Blue Ribbon t-shirt side-by-side with Cena sporting his new merchandise gear.

Someone else on Twitter also pointed out that one of his past t-shirts, a green and black one, was a rip-off of the John Deer brand. The fans obviously did not appreciate the tweet, especially the emoji. “This is why no one drinks your shit beer. Who ever runs your social media should be fired,” read one reply.

You can see the tweet below.