NXT TV report for 03/15/2022

Date: March 15, 2022
Arena: WWE Performance Center
City: Orlando, Florida.

The talk show segment featuring “the A-lister”, The Miz, made its way from Raw to NXT, in order to interview the new champion, Dolph Ziggler. What began as a session of mutual admiration between The Miz and Dolph, was quickly interrupted by NXT’s LA Knight.

Knight proceeded to challenge Ziggler to a match for his championship title. Ziggler responded saying “I only fight Superstars.” Knight then responded, “I’m not a Superstar, I’m a megastar.”

Ziggler was quick on the draw yet again replying that he only wrestled in main events. The Miz then suggested that Knight fight Ziggler in the main event, which, would close out the show.

In the back, McKenzie Mitchell asked Cora Jade how she felt about her partner Raquel Gonzalez being injured on last week’s episode, and whether or not she felt that the team of Toxic Attraction would be looking to injure her as they had her partner.

Jade responded that she would be on the lookout for Toxic Attraction, but she was quite sure they would be looking for her too. The camera then panned out to show that Jade had captured all three championships from the members of Toxic Attraction, thus, ensuring that the team would certainly be seeking her in order to get their property back.

Cameron Grimes vs Santos Escobar for a spot in the ladder match for the North American title

Grimes is well known for being a goofball who brags about sending opponents, “to the moon”, and the massive riches he made using crypto currency. However, Grimes now had to put all jokes aside in order to defeat Santos Escobar.

Unsurprisingly, Grimes opted to keep the highflying Escobar closer to the ground. However, Escobar seemed well-prepared, attacking Grimes with kicks and jabs. In fact, forcing Grimes to the ground seemed to be Escobar’s plan all along. Escobar ended up pressing Grimes to the mat for a pin fall victory.

Winner: Santos Escobar

A–Kid vs Kushida

A–Kid has been making waves in the WWE since his arrival on the company’s UK brand. However, this match may have been the first time that American fans got to see what he was capable of. His ground and pound style has certainly been entertaining to watch on the UK brand, and his style has not changed at all since he traveled across the pond. He and Kushida were very well matched pinning one another to the mat and reversing each other’s pins so fast that it was often hard to tell who had the upper hand. However, it was the UK sensation who gained his first victory for the American version of NXT.

Winner: A-Kid

Tiffany Stratton vs Sarray

Sarray, the recruit from the Land of the Rising Sun, has certainly had a rough start on this brand. She came last year only to leave abruptly. However, it seems that her trip back home to Japan had a good effect on her. She returned with a necklace from her grandmother which is meant to give her special powers, which should help her defeat her opponents. However, if you spread around the locker room that you have a special secret which helps you win matches, someone will soon try to take away.

In Sarray’s case that someone has been Tiffany Stratton. Before Sarray entered the ring, Stratton attacked, ripping the necklace off of Sarray’s neck. She then proceeded to kick Sarray all the way down the entrance ramp. Being exhausted from her trip down to the ring it is no surprise that Sarray wasn’t able to dodge Stratton’s kicks, resulting in a quick victory for Stratton.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Next was a segment between Tony D’Angelo and Tommaso Ciampa. At first, this appeared to be a farewell segment for the NXT mainstay. Ciampa has been a featured superstar on the brand since 2015, delighting fans with various reincarnations of himself and his character. We have all cheered him or booed depending on which character he was trying to evoke that day. He expressed his gratitude to all the fans who have stuck by him no matter what, and for the home he has found with the brand. This was greeted by chants of “please don’t go” and “thank you Ciampa.”

Just when it appeared that Ciampa was about to take a well-deserved ride into the sunset, Tony D’Angelo crept up behind him. Everyone watching thought that D’Angelo was going to use his infamous crowbar to whack Ciampa over the head, but instead, he talked about how Ciampa had always been “the guy” of the brand, and D’Angelo wanted to beat him in order to prove that he was now “the guy”. He then challenged Ciampa to a match at the Stand and Deliver show, which Ciampa accepted.

Indi Hartwell vs Persia Pirotta

These two former friends have been at odds person ever since Persia started dating Duke Hudson. There have been accusations that Hartwell was trying to steal Hudson from Persia, and that Hartwell was cheating on her husband, Dexter Lumis. However, this match, which was meant to settle differences between the two, suddenly turned into one massive kissing contest, with both women practically stripping their men, and making out with them on the mat. I don’t think this was one of WWE’s better match ideas.

Winner: Indi Hartwell

Dominik Mysterio versus Raul Mendoza

Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik made a surprise appearance on the show after Santos Escobar declared himself the greatest Luchador ever. Dominik defended his father declaring that Rey was in fact the greatest Luchador. Escobar then suggested that Dominik defend his father’s legacy in a match against Mendoza. Dominik accepted.

At first, it seemed as though Mendoza was going to gain the victory over Dominik probably due to the fact that Mendoza has more in ring experience than Dominik. However, Dominik had some help from an unlikely source new superstar, Fallon Henley, who distracted Mendoza by stepping onto the apron. This helped Dominik to gain his first victory on NXT.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

Dolph Ziggler vs LA Knight for the NXT title

This was a good match which had both men trading moves. Ziggler had the upper hand most of the match but with Knight regaining control slowly, we see Bron Breakker coming from he parking lot. There was an interference from Bobby Roode, which didn’t work at first, but then he helped Ziggler avoid the pinfall after placing his foot on the rope to break the count. The match ended with Ziggler hitting a superkick and covering Knight for the three-count.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Bron Breakker enters the ring and confronts the champ, only after he gets rid of Roode though. Breakker challenges Ziggler for the title and Ziggler accepts. Stand & Deliver main event set!

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