NXT Takeover rumored for MITB weekend in Chicago


There are rumors that an NXT Takeover event will be added to the Money In The Bank weekend from Chicago in June.

With Money In The Bank changed to a dual-brand pay-per-view it would make more sense to add a Takeover event to this weekend. This year, the extra Takeover that wasn’t attached to the big four pay-per-views was also held in Chicago during the Backlash weekend.

So far officially there are only two Takeover events announced, Philadelphia and New Orleans in January and April during the Rumble and Mania weekends. Takeover in August will return to Brooklyn for their biggest event of the year and then another Takeover is expected for the Survivor Series weekend in Los Angeles in November.

WWE will hold all events – NXT, pay-per-view, Raw, and Smackdown – in the same arena during each particular weekend.