NXT specials to be held every quarter


The success of NXT ArRival and Takeover has led WWE to consider making these NXT specials on the WWE Network more frequent and Triple H confirmed yesterday that it looks like there will be one of these events every quarter with the next one coming in late Summer.

The two shows have got rave reviews from wrestling fans and even those in the business and a live NXT event is seen as a good platform to get the young Superstars and Divas ready for live WWE television once they are called to the main roster.

There’s also talk to have NXT involved more during WrestleMania weekend, perhaps holding some kind of NXT tapings at a location within the area to take advantage of the thousands of people from around the world who make the trip.

Meanwhile, Sky Sports 1 in the United Kingdom have confirmed that they will air NXT Takeover this Sunday starting at 11PM local time just before Payback starts.