No Tyson Kidd or Alberto Del Rio on Total Divas this season


With Natalya and Paige on Total Divas, fans expected that both Tyson Kidd and Alberto Del Rio, the significant others of both cast members, would be featured in season six however this will not be the case.

Del Rio, who left the company in late September following a Wellness Program violation, told KENS5 Eyewitness News in San Antonio that he will only be featured for a few seconds during the whole season as WWE and E! have no permission to use his image or voice for Total Divas. Del Rio said that we will see plenty of Paige though, and despite her two Wellness Program violations, she’s trying to get back to training after her recent neck surgery to return to the ring.

Meanwhile, Tyson Kidd told a fan on Twitter that he’s been taken off the show by WWE after he was asked if he would be part of season six. “You’ll have to contact them to figure it out [why]. You won’t see me once this season. It’s all good,” he wrote earlier today. When another fan expressed her disappointment that his “situation” won’t be addressed on the show, he replied saying that he doesn’t believe WWE want to explain it at all. “I’ll leave it at that for now,” he added.

Kidd was injured mid-last year after taking a botched Muscle Buster from Samoa Joe in a dark match. He had to undergo a very dangerous neck surgery and his career is effectively finished.