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Newest White Rabbit tease gives biggest Bray Wyatt indication yet


WWE gave its biggest hints that the White Rabbit is indeed associated with Bray Wyatt last night on Smackdown with a new QR code that revealed a lot of information.

Wrestling fans went to work quick to decipher the latest teaser after a QR code flashed quickly across the screen during a Karrion Kross promo. The link, which led to www.WWE.com/1911, featured several cartoon shots of Porky Pig, Little Red Riding Hood wolf, a slaughterhouse, a morse code and also an audio message.

The choice of 1911 in the URL was interesting because Bray Wyatt wore a hat with a 19/11 card on it when he portrayed the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland in a skit a few years back on WWE television.

The morse code which was translated by several users on Twitter translates to Azazel Reborn.

The audio message is heard if you dial the phone number which is embedded in the source code of the page. The message is played backwards and says Bravo, Echo, Lima, Alpha, India, Romeo. Interesting to note is that one Twitter user raised the pitch by six times on the video and it’s clearly Bray Wyatt’s voice narrating the message. The Bravo, Echo, Lima, Alpha, India, Romeo initials make up the word Belair, which some suggest it refers to the Fresh Prince of Belair, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, where Extreme Rules is set to take place next Saturday.

The source code also has another clue which reads “DRINK MORE OVALTINE” at the top, although at this point that remains a mystery at what it refers to.

On the WWE.COM website, if you put your mouse over the the White Rabbit icon, “TS_S10E6” shows up. Episode six of season 10 of The Simpsons features the song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, the song which WWE keeps playing at every event off camera.

Also, someone carrying a sign which read “REVEL IN WHAT YOU ARE” was shown when the camera was on Smackdown commentators Michael Cole and Corey Graves. That exact wording was used by Wyatt in a tweet in 2019.


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