New York Daily News profiles WWE Diva AJ Lee


The New York Daily News ran a story on WWE Diva AJ Lee as part of their coverage for the TLC pay-per-view which will take place in Brooklyn.

The article touches on AJ’s past where she spent most of her childhood eating at food banks and living in cars and motel rooms.

“I didn’t have the easiest time growing up; it’s no secret. We were just poor,” the 25 year old said.

The former RAW General Manager also talked about performing in front of a “different group of people” who find her being a tomboy “attractive,” referring to fans who reside in New York and New Jersey.

“There’s something about the fans in that area. They’re more extreme; they’re smarter. Every time we go somewhere in the tristate, there are people who remember me from six years ago. It’s like a homecoming.”