New contestant joins Tough Enough after Dianna quits competition


“That’s right kids. I’m back and I’m BLONDE!” That was the first tweet that was sent out by Chelsea Green, the new Tough Enough competitor who replaced Dianna today after she quit the competition. She arrived at the location earlier today.

Diana Dahlgren left the competition after her friend – and one of her employees at the bar she owns back at home – was left partially paralyzed after an attack at the bar. Dianna broke the story to Tough Enough trainer Lita in a video chat that WWE posted on the TE website as a digital extra.

Green has already appeared on WWE television before, playing the role of Daniel Bryan’s physical therapist during his angle with The Authority. Back then Stephanie McMahon accused Bryan of having an affair with her. She is a trained wrestler and was trained by former ECW, WCW, and WWE Superstar Lance Storm.

You can follow Chelsea on her new Tough Enough Twitter account at @ToughChelseaG.