Roddy Piper allegedly dropped from WWE Legends deal over Austin row


Telling fans that his “honor is not for sale,” WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper said that the issue with Stone Cold Steve Austin will be “cleared up and gone” after he releases his next podcast.

Piper blamed Austin for kicking him out of the PodcastOne family while Austin said that according to PodcastOne President, Piper was the one who asked for his release during a meeting and that he had absolutely nothing to do with getting him booted off the network. Piper’s story was that Austin apparently got offended by Will Sasso’s impersonations of him while he was on Piper’s show and was so pissed off that he complained to PodcastOne and Piper’s show was off the air the same day. In reply, Austin said that at 50 years of age he has no time for this drama and he wasn’t the one who kicked Piper out.

Meanwhile, a report on said that Ric Flair, who has another podcast on competitor Play.It, noted that Roddy Piper was dropped from the WWE Legends deal that he had due to the the problems he’s having with Steve Austin.