NBCU to offer Hall of Fame property in bid to keep WWE programming


In a bid to keep all WWE programming, NBC Universal is out in full force, even offering a space at their Universal Studios property to host a physical WWE Hall of Fame according to the New York Post.

The Post reports in an article published yesterday that NBCU top execs are putting together a final pitch to present WWE for all WWE television shows before their exclusive negotiating period expires on February 1.

After February 1, WWE can talk to other television networks with rumors flying that Viacom is once again interested in taking WWE back.

If the exclusive window closes without a deal, NBC Universal have a matching rights clause according to the New York Post so even if let’s say Viacom offer more money, NBCU can match it and keep the shows.

Currently NBCU pays around $140 million a year for RAW and Smackdown and WWE is looking to increase that significantly to match other sports.