Multiple fans invade the ring during Smackdown and wrestle each other


A bunch of fans invaded the ring during the Smackdown tapings today in London, England, at the O2 Arena but instead of attacking anyone, they started wrestling each other as Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Cesaro, and Tyson Kidd stood watching.

Footage shot at ringside shows six fans in the middle of the ring, with one dropping a Rock Bottom on another, two fighting with the referee trying to break it up, and another two in the middle of the ring as security then stepped in to clear them out.

Cena seemed to have enjoyed it as he counted to three when the Rock Bottom was done and was seen laughing and clapping and fans chanted “Yes! Yes!” after everyone was cleared from the ring.

You can see one video from ringside posted on Twitter at here. A different video can be seen below. WWE has already removed a bunch of copies of different videos from YouTube.