Monday Night Raw TV report for 12/21/2015

Following the tumultuous time that was last week in WWE, we begin a new one tonight with “The Slammy Awards.” I have a feeling all those are put aside for now, to answer the big question: what will be of NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns after he assaulted both COO Triple H and Owner Mr. Vince McMahon?

As well, who is The Wyatt Family going to go after now that they have seemingly rid themselves of The Dudleyz, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhyno?

The Intercontinental Championship scenario is in chaos, as new champ Dean Ambrose is embattled with both Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens; who is going to get a chance at “The Lunatic Fringe’s” title?

Lastly, Divas Champion Charlotte continues her mischievous winning-ways, which have put-off her friend Becky Lynch; in the home-state of her father, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who may feel cheated tonight?

All this, plus many more winners from the year of 2015, so read on!

Monday Night Raw TV Report for December 21st, 2015 – “Recognition”

Introduction Segment: Video Promo

Recalling of Roman Reigns’ major win and the events that led up to it is shown.

Segment #2: Welcoming and Arena Promo

A voice-over greets us to the Slammy Awards from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon walks out happy, while Michael Cole, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and Byron Saxton (all decked-out in fancy attire) speculate on her feelings.

In the ring, McMahon puts over some of the categories of the Slammys, but doesn’t get too far before being interrupted. Roman Reigns, ,WWE World Heavyweight Champion, walks through the fans to a good pop. He meets her, and while he notices that Stephanie seems to be glad, he isn’t sure if she has The League Of Nations waiting to attack. Roman then tells her that if her father, Vince, wants to see him, he is easy to find because he has the big WWE Title on his shoulder.

McMahon becomes irate, screaming at him to leave, but Reigns says the fans won’t have any of it and that she is mimicking a kid’s behavior. He turns his back on her, which infuriates her more, and as he goes back through the fans, she books matches for his family and friends that may not be in favor. His cousins, The Usos, will take on Tag-Team Champions The New Day in a 3-On-2 match; and his “brother” Dean Ambrose will wrestle Sheamus in a Steel Cage! Roman laughs at her and she storms away.

Segment #3: Arena Promo

After the announcers tell us how to vote with our phones, Dolph Ziggler walks out dressed in a tux. The stages is adorned with Christmas trees and Slammy Award statues. He is here to present the Slammy for “Breakout Star.” A video shows the nominees of Kevin Owens, Neville, Tyler Breeze, Charlotte, and Braun Strowman. The winner will be revealed next!


Ziggler announces, surprisingly, that “The Man That Gravity Forgot” is the “Breakout Star!” Neville gives a quick talk before he is interjected by Kevin Owens, who claims he really should have gotten the award. (I agree!) Neville brushes him off and leaves Owens to tirade. Kevin notices Dolph to the side and they engage in a brawl, which referees soon separate..

The lights go out and The Wyatt Family appear in the ring. Cole says that Bray will be wrestling, and then pyro suddenly bursts from the stage; Kane marches out!

Match #1: Single – Bray Wyatt (with Wyatt Family members Braun Strowman, Luke Harper, and Erik Rowan) VS. Kane

Bray punches away but Kane quickly hits him with a big boot. He goes to the corner, but Bray counters with a clothesline. He gets ready upside down in the corner, but Kane sits up. Rowan hops the apron and Kane ends up fighting all members of The Family. The four gang-up on “The Big Red Machine,” but The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer run out to help.

Winner via Disqualification: Kane


Match #2: Eight-Man Tag-Team – The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erik Rowan, and Braun Strowman) VS. Kane, The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) and Tommy Dreamer

Harper and Dreamer are going at it until Luke tags in Braun, who scoop-slams Tommy. Harper is back in shortly, but Dreamer manages to make a tag to Kane after reversing a headlock into a backdrop. “The Demon” knocks around all members, then switches with Bubba Ray, who slams Harper down. Again, all go at it, with Bubba and Luke being left alone.

The Dudley “Brothers” double-team Harper with the “What’s Up” Headbutt, then Ray asks D-Von to get the tables. Erik is in, but gets a 3-D instead! Braun is double-clotheslines both, then Kane takes Strowman out. Harper slides in and gives D-Von a Discus Clothesline, and subsequently covers to get the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: The Wyatt Family

Segment #5: Arena Promo

A returning Santino Marella bestow the award for “L.O.L. [Laugh-Out-Loud] Moment.” The nominees are Edge/Christian/New Day backstage Band-Battle, The Bushwackers Hall-Of-Fame induction speech, The Miz/Mizdow’s “Niagra” commercial, Stephanie and Triple H dancing with The New Day, and R-Truth thinking he was really in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match when he actually wasn’t. The winner seen, next.


Santino opens the envelope to tell us that R-Truth wins, but he wants to keep the award himself because he has never gotten one. Truth walks out, but Marella tricks him and scoots away!

It is announced that Kevin Owens will wrestle Dolph Ziggler later tonight!

Segment #6: Video Promo

Mick Foley dressed as Santa, and two of his children dressed as elves, talk about Christmas time and how the WWE Fans are good people; he even gets a cheap-pop in referring to Minneapolis!

Segment #7: Arena Promo

Paul Heyman comes back to give out the “O.M.G. Shocking Moment.” First, though, he pronounces that his client Brock Lesnar should undoubtedly be declared “Superstar Of The Year.” The contestants for “shocker” are Seth Rollins cashing in to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXXI, Lesnar destroying Rollins and Cole the night after WrestleMania, Kalisto performing his finisher on an Uso at TLC from ladder-to-ladder, The Wyatt Family demolishing The Undertaker after his Hell In A Cell match with Brock Lesnar at HIAC, and Sheamus ruining Roman Reigns’ first WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series.


Heyman lets us know that, actually shockingly, Kalisto wins! (I would rank this second, but I think that Seth Rollins should’ve won; perhaps he would’ve had he not been injured.) Kalisto walks out and gives the cliche determination speech and thank yous.

Match #3: Single – Kevin Owens VS. Dolph Ziggler

They immediately punch away evenly, then Owens starts to gain an advantage before Ziggler his a dropkick. He tries to lock on a neck submission, but Kevin fights him off and elbows him down. Dolph ducks a clothesline and leaps on Owens’ back with a Sleeper, but Kevin drops back to break it.

Kevin stomps away then gives “The Show Off” a hard elbow and goes to the outside with him. He runs Dolph into the barrier, and continues the punishment inside the ring. He clamps on a grounding chinlock to wear Ziggler down, but Dolph reverses with a sit-down jawbreaker. Owens picks him up though and gives him a knee-gut-buster and senton for a near-fall!

He goes for a short-arm clothesline, but Dolph ducks again and rolls him up! 1 – 2 – Owens kicks out! Kevin goes back to the grounding rear chinlock and wants referee Mike Chioda to question Dolph if he gives in. Ziggler does not and pushes Owens into the corner, then splashes him, but is quickly clotheslined down again. Dolph fends off again and brings Kevin down with his Leaping-DDT!


Both men are now on the top turnbuckle, and Kevin gets the advantage by dropping Dolph with a huge suplex! Ziggler still gets his shoulder up, and Owens goes back to work. He throws Dolph into the ropes and tries the Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Ziggler hops over and gives him a Superkick! Kevin tumbles to the floor, but manages to slam “The Show Off” into the commentator’s table. He puts Dolph back in the ring, but is planted with the Fameasser! Ziggler covers, 1 – 2 – Owens raises his shoulder! Dolph runs at him again, but Kevin catches him with the Pop-Up Powerbomb and suddenly takes this contest!

Winner via Pinfall: Kevin Owens

Segment #8: Arena Promo

Stephanie McMahon is back out to give the “Superstar Of The Year.” She says she is sorry for her lack-of-manners from the beginning of the show, then tells us that every WWE wrestler can win this trophy. The contenders are Roman Reigns, Sheamus, John Cena, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, the entire New Day, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Kane, Seth Rollins, and Sting. (My vote goes to either Reigns or Rollins!) The man of 2015 is after


Stephanie is all-too-happy to inform us that Seth Rollins is the Superstar Of The Year; and he is actually here to receive the award! Seth slowly walks out on crutches, hugs McMahon, and soaks in the “Thank You, Seth” chants for a few seconds. Rollins says he expected to win and recounts his accomplishments during the ten months he was in action. He gets really serious, proclaiming “in twenty-sixteen, I will redesign Seth Rollins; I will rebuild myself; and I will comeback and reclaim the title that I never lost. So whether it’s Roman Reigns or anybody else, you keep that title warm because I will return and I will take back what’s mine!”

Michael Cole announces that John Cena will be back on Raw to meet Alberto Del Rio for a match, next week!

Match #4: Single – Jack Swagger VS. United States Champion Alberto Del Rio (with League Of Nations partners Sheamus, Rusev, and ‘King’ Barrett) (Non-Title)

Swagger is aggressive and all-over Alberto to begin, but Del Rio soon gets himself back up and throws Jack into the barrier on the outside.


Alberto is still dominating back in the ring, front-dropkicking Swagger after snap-marring him. He hits Jack with a clothesline in the corner, then drops him with a hard DDT. He hooks the leg, but Swagger gets his shoulder up! The U.S. Champion winds up and goes for his patented kick, but “The Real American-American” counters into an exploder-suplex! He runs and jumps off the middle rope with his Swaggerbomb, but is hung up a short-time after in another corner and plunged with Del Rio’s double-stomp for the finish!

Winner via Pinfall: United States Champion Alberto Del Rio (with League Of Nations partners)

Post-match, Rusev and Barrett hold up Jack while Sheamus delivers a Brogue Kick! All four pose over Jack.

Segment #8: Arena Promo

“The World’s Strongest Man” stands on stage to hand over “The Hero In All Of Us,” which commemorates the Superstars and Divas who have given back to community with charities. The nominees are Natalya for U.S.O. Metro, The Special Olympics, and Be A Star; Roman Reigns for Ad Council Fatherhood Campaign, Susan G. Komen, and Dosomething.org Anti-Bullying Campaign; The Big Show for WrestleMania Reading Challenge, United States Armed Forces, and The Special Olympics; Titus O’Neil for his work with the homeless, Susan G. Komen, and Ad Council Fatherhood Campaign; John Cena for United States Armed Forces, Susan G. Komen, and The Make-A-Wish Foundation. (This really shouldn’t be a competitive category, as all should win!)


Mark Henry names John Cena as the winner, but unfortunately he is not in attendance. Mark takes the trophy in courtesy for Cena, but says that all who are involved in charity “do it from our hearts, for the love from the WWE, and for all of you.”

The announcers show us winners from WWE.com, including Brock Lesnar VS. Undertaker as “Rivalry Of The Year,” The Stone Cold Podcast winning “Best WWE Network Original Show,” Damien Mizdow taking “Double-cross,” and Roman Reigns demolishing Triple H at T.L.C. as “Extreme Moment.”

Segment #9: Arena Promo

“Santa Claus” is out to offer “Return Of The Year;” “Santa” is actually Bo Dallas! The “returnees” are: The Dudley Boyz, Chris Jericho, (now) United States Champion Alberto Del Rio, “Demon” Kane, and Sting.


Tag-Team Champions The New Day are in the ring and the visual/audio goes out. It comes back and goes to “Santa-Bo,” who takes the award instead of the real winner, Sting!

Match #5: Three-On-Two – Tag-Team Champions The New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E.) VS. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey)

Prior to the bout, The New Day go on a rant about not being the Tag Team Of The Year. (I agree!) Instead, The Usos, who were injured more than half-the-year, are! Big E. wants to tick off the fans by spoiling the new “Star Wars” movie but Kofi stops him because he himself hasn’t seen it. His friends tease him on that, then Jimmy and Jey make their entrance.

Jimmy and Kofi begin, with Jimmy taking over after a big backdrop. He tags in his brother, who leaps off the top turnbuckle onto Kingston’s arm. Both hit Kofi in the corner, then Jimmy goes back to working over Kingston. He spins around with a kick-to-the-head, then goes for the rear-bump in the corner but Big E. and Xavier pull Kofi to the floor. The Twins go for their double-dive, but the trio run away.


Jimmy and Jey are still governing for a bit, but New Day take over after Kofi gives Jimmy a kick in the back of his head from the apron. They triple-stomp Jimmy in the corner and rule for a while. Big tries a move form the turnbuckle, but Jimmy elbows him off and torque-somersault-splashes him! He gets the hot-tag to his brother, who is all over Xavier! He rear-bumps Woods in the corner and takes out Big E, then Jimmy dumps Kofi to the outside. They go for their double-dive, but Langston yanks Jimmy out. Jey superkicks in retaliation, and Woods rolls up Jey, but it is reversed and The Usos win!

Winners via Pinfall: The Usos

It is announced that The Lucha Dragons will meet The New Day for the Tag-Team Titles tomorrow (Tuesday) night on “Super Smackdown Live!”

Segment #10: Arena Promo

Previous Slammy winner R-Truth is going to provide “The Diva” award; he even has his trophy now! Truth puts over the Divas as having “style, grace, athleticism.” The women are Nikki Bella, Naomi, Paige, Sasha Banks, and current Divas Champion Charlotte.


R states Paige as the winner. She starts to give a speech, despite confessing that she didn’t have a speech ready; Truth interjects and tells her/us that he actually misread and says she was runner up! The real victor is Nikki Bella! The longest-reigning Divas Champion joins both on stage, and gives a genuine “thank you” to all the Divas, women wrestlers of NXT, the production staff, and fans. She hugs Paige and they walk off together.

Match #6: Single – Rusev (with League Of Nations members Sheamus, ‘King’ Barrett, and United States Champion Alberto Del Rio) VS. Neville)

(Note: The Miz is on commentary, talking about the advice he’s trying to give Neville that will make him a better wrestler.) Rusev dominates for most of this contest at first, stunning Neville by ramming him into the ring post.


“The Man That Gravity Forgot” moves from a splash in the corner, then ascends the turnbuckle. He soars backwards with a moonsault to the floor! Neville springboards into the ring then kicks Rusev in the jaw and goes to the top turnbuckle again! Rusev moves and kicks Neville hard in the chest as he leapt off! Rusev puts The Accolade on and forces Neville to tap!

Winner via Submission: Rusev (with The League Of Nations)

Post-match, The League attack Neville and hug.

Segment #11: Arena Promo

The Miz is on stage to bestow “This Is Awesome.” He puts himself over first, but is disgruntled that he is not in contention. Those who are comprise: Brock Lesnar destroying then-WWE Champion Seth Rollins car on Raw; Randy Orton R.K.O.-ing Rollins at WrestleMania XXXI out of Seth’s Curb Stomp; The start of “The Divas Revolution;” the very-brief Shield reunion at Payback; and Ronda Rousey and The Rock facing off with Triple H and Stephanie at WrestleMania XXXI.


“This Is Awesome” belongs to The Rock and Ronda Rousey! However, The Miz is smirks and takes the award, while mocking The Rock in promoting his own movie, “Santa’s Little Helper.”

Match #7: Single – Brie Bella VS. Becky Lynch (with Divas Champion Charlotte)

Both trade roll-ups to start out, then Brie kicks Lynch hard in the stomach and takes control. She uses the top rope to pull Becky’s arm over, then presses her foot against the same arm against the corner rope. Bella grapples Lynch with an armlock, then slams her against the mat. Brie sets up and kicks her multiple times in the chest, then gives her a running knee against the bottom rope. She then clutches her fingers and arms around Becky’s neck and arm, then knees her left arm. Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Tamina are shown watching backstage.

Charlotte starts to cheer on her friend, which works as Lynch gets some momentum with clotheslines, an dropkick, and a splash. Brie counters and hits a middle-rope missile dropkick, then tries a La Majistral cradle. Becky reverses into her Disarmer submission to make Bella give up!

Winner via Submission: Becky Lynch

Segment #12: Arena Promo

“Woooo!” Ric Flair struts out to present the “Match Of The Year.” The nominees are John Cena VS. Brock Lesnar VS. Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble, Sting VS. Triple H from WrestleMania XXXI, Kevin Owens VS. John Cena at Elimination Chamber, Roman Reigns VS. Dolph Ziggler VS. (then) Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens VS. United States Champion Alberto Del Rio from Raw, and Brock Lesnar VS. The Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell match at Hell In A Cell.


The “Match Of The Year” is … Hell In A Cell! Paul Heyman parades out to accept for Lesnar. The fans call “we want Lesnar,” but Paul E. tells us that Brock doesn’t actually “accept awards.” We may want him, but Heyman says that “no one in that locker room is ‘man enough’ to want Brock Lesnar.” He applauds The Undertaker for being the one to go toe-to-toe with “The Beast Incarnate,” and touts Lesnar’s career accolades then walks away.

As the steel cage lowers, we are shown The League Of Nations assailing The Usos. Sheamus proclaims “two down, one to go!” They then enter the arena and Sheamus gets inside the cage.


Match #8: Single (Steel Cage Rules) – Sheamus (with League Of Nations members Rusev, ‘King’ Barrett, and United States Champion Alberto Del Rio) VS. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose (Non-Title)

Sheamus immediately Brogue-Kicks Ambrose as he tried to enter. The League stomp away on Dean, ram his head into the cage door, then place him in the ring. Sheamus chucks him into the walls of the cage, then covers but Ambrose ups his shoulder! He directs this contest for a bit until Dean counters a run with a backdrop that sends Sheamus into the wall! Ambrose builds up with some chops and clotheslines him down. Backstage, Stephanie is viewing on a monitor.

Dean tries to climb out, but Sheamus stops him and then does the same. Ambrose meets him up there, but is slammed from the top turnbuckle with Sheamus’ White Noise! 1 – 2 – Dean kicks out! Sheamus climbs again, but “The Lunatic Fringe” holds him back, and punches him. Sheamus slips up and is crotched on the top rope!

Ambrose is standing on the top of the cage as Del Rio and Rusev climb on the outside to stop him. Dean rockets from the top with an elbow and covers! 1 – 2 – Sheamus still kicks out! Ambrose now makes his way to the door, but Alberto runs it into his head. A loud cheer comes from the crowd as Roman Reigns Spears Del Rio! He runs Rusev into the cage then Superman Punches him! The WWE Champion grabs a chair and hits Rusev, but misses Barrett as ‘King’ ran.

In the ring, Sheamus climbs but Roman meets him face-to-face with a chair. Reigns tosses the chair into the ring, which allows Ambrose to wale away! He gives him Dirty Deeds, then slowly uses the ropes to help himself. Dean is at the top of the cage when Sheamus meets him again. They both sit on top and slug away!

Both men now start to descend while still hitting each other! Dean hits a flurry of chops and punches, then Sheamus headbutts him, but Dean drops to the floor!

Winner via Escape: Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose

Post-match, Roman Spears Sheamus too, then the two champions embrace. Backstage, Tom Phillips supposedly asks Stephanie for her thoughts (the mike was not on/went out), and McMahon becomes furious, slapping and kicking the announcer. Sheamus looks on at a happy WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose to close the show.

End Of Raw.

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