Monday Night Raw TV report for 11/28/2022

Arena: Scope Arena
City: Norfolk, VA

The Bloodline is shown walking in the back with The Usos, Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn all talking and joking around.

Becky Lynch comes to the ring first. Becky says The Man should be out with the people and she jumps over the barricade and went through the crowd, even talking to some of the fans and as she talks, Bayley comes out. Bayley was trying to get Becky in the ring to fight her and Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky come from behind her in the crowd and attacks Becky and Bayley comes out to help but Becky fights back in a concession area. Officials finally arrived to break it up.

Rhea Ripley VS. “Michin” Mia Yim

Mia had Rhea down and Dominik got up on the apron and Mia dumped Dominik in the ring, then before she did anything Rhea went back in and attacked Mia. AJ Styles comes out to even the odds with Dominik being in the ring. The rest of the Judgment Day comes out and the rest of the O.C. And as the Judgment Day runs up the ramp, AJ says he thought this was over, but it will end tonight: four vs four, right here, right now.

The O.C. VS. The Judgment Day

After Mia slammed Finn, she went to suplex or DDT Dominik, but Rhea got back in the ring and kicked her knee and hit Riptide and pinned her for the win.

Winners: The Judgment Day

They show an earlier interview with the returning Street Profits, and they will face the Alpha Academy tonight and Gable came in and did the “shoosh please” and Dawkins tells Gable he looks like the elf on the shelf. The Street Profits beat the Alpha Academy before, and it will be no different tonight because the Street Profits are up, and they want the smoke.

Out to the ring next are The Usos, Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn. As the Usos and Sami hug and try to get Solo to join them, Kevin Owens comes out. Kevin says he is not here to fight him, he is just done with him. Jey takes the microphone and says if you have a problem with Sami Zayn, you have a problem with Jey Uso. Kevin says that’s fine. He said he was done with Sami but never said anything about beating Jey Uso. They agreed to a match for later tonight.

Candice LaRae was interviewed in the back and said she is ready for her match tonight with Dakota Kai.

Byron Saxton interviews Elias and Matt Riddle and they talked about teaming up and going after the tag team championships and the Bloodline comes in and tells them they will never be tag team champions then agreed to a match anytime any place.

The Street Profits VS. Alpha Academy

Montez hits the frog splash on Gable for the win.

Winners: The Street Profits

The new United States champion Austin Theory comes to the ring. He says he never wants to be called a kid again after beating Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley at the same time. He then says he is not the future, he is now the face of Monday Night Raw. As Theory continued, Seth Rollins comes out. Seth says shut your mouth and let them sing and the crowd sings Rollins entrance music. Seth says deep down in his soul he knows Monday Nights belongs to Rollins.

Seth says before he goes, he only got one thing left to say to him: Congratulations kid. Rollins then tried to get Theory to hit him. Theory says he will fight him but on the champ’s time. Then said he is not his damn kid and walks out of the ring.

The Miz said he reinjured his hand so the match cannot go on. Adam Pearce said we are not doing this, and the match is taking place tonight as he wasn’t even holding the right hand.

Dexter Lumis VS. The Miz in an anything goes match

Lumis caught The Miz in his choke hold. The Miz taps out. The Miz now has to pay Dexter what he owes him and Dexter signs his WWE contract offered to him by Adam Pearce.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

As Dexter leaves the ring, he hands out the cash to kids at ringside, The Miz then attacks Dexter again. The Miz took the bag of money and ripped the money out of the kid’s hand at ringside. Johnny Gargano comes out and superkicks the Miz. Gargano then handed the money back to the kid and handed the bag back to Dexter who gives Johnny a thumbs up.

Dakota Kai VS. Candice LeRae

Dakota sets Candice up for a superplex, but Candice reversed and caught Dakota with a neck breaker off the top rope and gets the win.

Winner: Candice LeRae

Kevin Owens VS. Jey Uso

After kicking out of multiple superkicks at two, Owens rolls out of the ring and as he goes to get in the ring, he superkicks Jimmy off the apron. He then goes to get in the ring but is tripped up by Solo. Owens rolls back into the ring, Jey goes for a splash off the top rope, but Owens moves and his Jey with a stunner for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
Born, raised, and living in Pennsylvania, Joe has been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. He also likes the NFL, playing Madden Football on consoles, and camping. He is a proud father of four kids.

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