Meet the nude NXT trainee who appeared on Rollins’ social media


NXT Diva-in-training Zahra Schreiber became an overnight sensation after a nude photo of hers leaked on Seth Rollins’ Instagram account which eventually found its way on his Facebook, Twitter, and even on WWE.COM with the embedding of its Superstars’ social media accounts.

Not much is known about the tattoo—heavy Schreiber but rumors are that she and Rollins had a romantic relationship behind the back of Rollins’ current girlfriend, Leighla Schultz. An earlier report mistakenly said that Schreiber was Seth’s ex-girlfriend, which is not the case.

Schreiber is apparently engaged to Chad Ruhlig, the lead singer of metalcore band For The Fallen Dreams. According to, the two own a house together despite her regularly cheating on him.

Schultz posted several things on a friend’s Facebook, making fun of Rollins and quoting stuff that Rollins might have sent to Schreiber which she obviously got a hold of.

“I hate my life and my fiancée; I just wanted to run away with you,” Schultz posted, allegedly one of the items she found from Rollins to Schreiber.

Schreiber has yet to make her television debut on NXT but she’s under a developmental deal with the company and trains at the WWE Performance Center.

If you’ve never seen her, well, here’s a few photos to get used to her which you can see below.