Martha Hart slams report for associating her with Owen DVD/Blu-Ray


Martha Hart, the widow of Owen Hart, slammed the report which appeared on regarding the Owen Hart DVD/Blu-Ray project, saying that she and her children were not aware of the project and do not support it.

“My children and I were unaware of this project until May 7, when it was brought to our attention by a friend who had read about it online.  Contrary to your report, we do not back or support it in anyway, nor has WWE requested our backing or support,” Hart’s statement to the website reads. “From what little we know of the project, it seems to be another attempt to exploit Owen’s memory, and his tragic death, for commercial gain. We have resisted that kind of initiative for almost 16 years. If WWE really wanted to honor Owen’s legacy it would just let him rest in peace.”

The website issued an apology for its report attaching Martha Hart to the WWE project. The DVD/Blu-Ray is still on the schedule for release however it looks like it’s going ahead without the support of three very important members in Owen Hart’s life – his wife Martha, and his kids Oje and Athena.