Main event for Clash of Champions 2017 announced


The main event for the last pay-per-view of 2017, Clash of Champions, will be WWE champion AJ Styles defending the title against Jinder Mahal.

Appearing on the Titan Tron, Mahal said the only reason he lost to AJ Styles in Manchester is because he was busy getting ready for Brock Lesnar and if it was him who took on Lesnar at the Survivor Series, he would have won unlike AJ Styles. Styles told Mahal to come down to the ring and wrestle him since he looked rather fresh considering he did not do anything at the Survivor Series. Mahal refused and said he will be invoking his rematch clause at Clash of Champions.

The Singh brothers then attacked Styles from behind as Mahal looked on from backstage. Their attack did not last long though as Styles quickly turned it around, even delivering the Styles Clash.