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Madcap Moss lucky to be alive after spot gone bad during Elimination Chamber


Madcap Moss was spiked right on his head during the falls count anywhere match against Drew McIntyre at the Elimination Chamber.

McIntyre went for an Alabama Slam and Moss instead of taking it face first, it looked like he tried to roll and instead he landed right on his head in one very nasty, nasty spot.

The referee immediately went on to check on Moss as Baron Corbin held his own head outside. Instead of going to the finish, the match miraculously continued and not only that, McIntyre threw Moss on the announcer’s table and then took a top rope move and a DDT as well.

The announcers wondered how Moss was still able to walk as fans online remarked how they have newfound respect for him for continuing after such a bad landing.

Thankfully, the match ended a few minutes later with McIntyre picking up the win after a Claymore kick with the sword in his hand.

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