Life-size bronze statue of the Ultimate Warrior unveiled at Axxess


An Ultimate Warrior life-size bronze statue was unveiled last night at WrestleMania Axxess with the Warrior’s family in the ring.

Triple H did the unveiling as Warrior’s widow Dana and their two daughters, Mattigan and Indiana, looked on in the ring.

“The legacy that he leaves behind is something I am so deeply proud of. I am also so proud of what he did here with all of you,” Dana Warrior said. “The Warrior fans really are the ultimate, and I want to thank you; thank you for taking the girls and I in, and loving us too because it has meant the world.”

After the unveiling, Dana, Mattigan, and Indiana grabbed the top rope and shook it just like Warrior used to do. The statue is on display at Axxess.

The Warrior family will be at Axxess meeting the legion of Ultimate Warrior fans and Dana will be presenting the Warrior Award tomorrow at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

WWE.COM has photos of the unveiling which you can see here.