Lana does photo shoot in the middle of the busy Los Angeles traffic


What can go wrong with doing a photo shoot in the middle of the bustling Los Angeles traffic? A lot, right?

Well, Lana had one photo shoot last week in the busy streets of Los Angeles, with the photographer and herself jumping in the middle of the traffic as cars came to a halt.

One particular driver wasn’t too happy about it. Stephanie Beatriz, the actress on the popular show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was stuck in traffic waiting as Lana posed for photographs. Beatriz put up a short video on her Instagram story showing Lana posing and wrote, “Like. I just want to drive and not be in your photoshoot.”

Beatriz obviously had no idea who was the person getting photographed but the WWE Superstar, without mentioning the actress, took it to Twitter to respond. “Don’t be #Salty because I’m #Ravishing & can stop traffic you can’t babe.”

Lana was roaming the roads of LA with some pretty “salty” attire for her photo shoot and certainly turned some heads as drivers waited for the green light at the stop!