Lacey Evans pulled over for speeding in Edmonton, stays in character dealing with officer


WWE Superstar Lacey Evans was pulled over for speeding while in Canada and stayed in character while responding to the police officer, posting the video on her social media.

“It’s a violation ticket for speeding,” the officer said. “Do you know who I am?” Evans says. “I have no idea,” the officer replies. “Well, I’m Lacey Evans…” she continues before the officer interrupts and says, “Who’s Lacey Evans?” Evans responds, “WWE Superstar and you should know exactly who I am.”

The officer then proceeds to explain to her about the ticket and then she grabbed the ticket out of his hands and says, “You nasty thing, I’ll pay the ticket.” The officer tells her to have a good day and she tells him that she hopes he has a terrible day before adding, “Canada is terrible!” Keeping his cool, the officer replies, “Welcome to Edmonton.”

CTV News in Edmonton reached out to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to inquire about the video and they responded saying that it was a real traffic stop and that the video was not staged but did not want to comment further on the subject.

CityNews Edmonton reached out to Evans to ask her for an interview regarding her encounter with the officer and Evans responded, also in character, “He was a nasty, y’all are nasties and I am already in America washing that Canadian scent off my clothes. I wouldn’t talk to y’all nasties if you paid me. Call @NatbyNature ..she’s a nasty just like y’all & loves to run her mouth. My lawyer will speak for me.”

This is the second week in a row that police officers ended up on WWE social media after R-Truth filmed a segment on another “traffic stop” with one of the officers trying to win the 24/7 title from him.