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The scene of online casinos have changed a lot over the years, having first launched in the 90s with a selection of just 18 games, we are now over saturated with choice and gaming options to take advantage of. Visit King casino to see these games!

As well as this, the online casino landscape has caved to the wave of digitisation and graphic led gaming technologies of today – syncing our wins up to our social media pages for example to announce any games we have managed to get the better of that day, or not.

Online casinos have changed too, because we can log in and play when ever and where ever we want to, which we could not do before.

This is thanks to the rise in casino apps, and in particular slot games are a fan favourite amongst those who do like to log in and game online when the moment strikes.

Games and online casinos

Another bold way in which online casinos have changed is by the gaming options available to us. Not only are there more now than ever before, but online casino games have become more and more themed to the kinds of pop culture media we are used to.

For example, there is a multitude of games available to play which include vampires, and there are plenty that are themed around our favourite rock bands and movies that we all knew and loved growing up.

Not only this, but online casino games also now have to offer us the best graphics we have ever had the chance to play with. Plus, plenty of new kinds of bonuses and credits to play with, such as those like progressive jackpot wins.

A progressive jack pot is probably the newest way that online casinos have changed over the years in fact, and a progressive jack pot is called so for a few reasons.

With a progressive jack pot, you get the chance to win and take home a much bigger amount of money than the regular jack pots as this is a sum of money which has been accumulating over the course of a period of time.

Players get involved to play the game, and with each bet placed, the pot that is available to win becomes bigger and bigger, until of course, some body wins it.

Once a player has won a game and the total sum of the money which has been bet becomes available, the winner takes all, and the progressive jackpot begins again once some body places the next bet, starting the pot all over again.

Another reason that online casinos have changed as well is because now you get the chance to log in and game much easier than ever before, as there is better ways to optimise the casinos online across all of the web pages and mobile apps.

This optimisation means we get an improved playing experience across all of the games that we choose to play from no matter where we are.

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