Kevin Owens powerbombs Machine Gun Kelly off the stage on Raw


WWE fan and rapper Machine Gun Kelly will think twice about coming back for another appearance following last night’s Monday Night Raw.

The 25 year old from Cleveland performed one of his songs during the broadcast and after it was over, NXT champion Kevin Owens showed up and “thanked” him for the performance. Sort of.

Owens came out and clapped and when MGK offered to shake his hand, Owens blew him off. MGK then shoved Owens, who in return kicked him in the stomach and then power bombed him off the stage!

Prior to the segment, Owens tweeted, “Now that I took care of @HEELZiggler, I get to enjoy what I’m sure will be a wonderful performance by @machinegunkelly,“

In a post on Instagram, Machine Gun Kelly said that last night was the best night ever and thanked Cleveland for being “the fu****g best.” MGK added that he’s alright and told Kevin Owens that he’s coming for him.

Owens then apologized for his actions saying he “got carried away!” Well, we say thank you!

MGK first WWE appearance came when he performed his song Invincible live at WrestleMania XXVIII.

You can see the segment of Owens powerbombing MGK below.