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Kevin Owens calls out Steve Austin for WrestleMania


It looks like the attempts to get Steve Austin wrestling at WrestleMania did not materialize but regardless, the WWE Hall Of Famer will be in the house after Kevin Owens called out Austin to be a guest on the “most stupendous” KO Show at WrestleMania.

Taking the final segment of Monday Night Raw, Owens said he wanted to get some “lowlife” from Texas on his show since WrestleMania is in Texas.

Owens made fun of a few Texan WWE legends, including JBL, who said the bullhorns on his car would be more fun, Booker T, who he labeled as a hypocrite for being in a team called Harlem Heat and for speaking in a British accent when he was king, and Shawn Michaels, which was a big no no and sacrilegious since he was a Canadian and out of respect of Bret Hart, he would never have him on.

Owens then turned his attention on a guy who all he does is drink beer, a guy who can’t even walk without knee braces, and a guy who he wants to give a Stunner to.

“The bottom line is I’m calling you out Stone Cold Steve Austin,” Owens said to a big cheer from the crowd.

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