Karrion Kross vacates NXT title due to shoulder injury


Karrion Kross’ title reign ended a few days after he won it as he was deemed unable to compete for the foreseeable future due to his separated shoulder injury he sustained against Keith Lee this past Saturday at Takeover: XXX.

Kross, who was accompanied by Scarlett, vacated the title at the start of the show last night. “When you go to war you should expect casualties on all sides. My shoulder separated, I’m in searing pain, but I love it, it brings me to life,” Kross said.

“However, I’m a realist, and I understand the reality of the situation. There’s no way they’re gonna let me defend the NXT championship in this condition,” Kross added, as he took the title from Scarlett’s shoulder.

“On the path there are obstacles, but for me, the obstacles are the path. This changes absolutely nothing. Doomsday is still coming, because no matter where the time is told, in the end everybody pays the toll. And God help the obstacles that will be in my path. Tick tock,” Kross continued.

At that point, Scarlett flipped over the hourglass placed next to the NXT title in the middle of the ring, signifying the start of his recovery and way back to the NXT title.

“A difficult moment for @WWEKarrionKross, but the greatest comebacks come from the harshest falls. @Lady_Scarlett13. The clock to the return starts…now,” tweeted Triple H after the segment aired.